Varieties of olives

Picual: Extraordinary by its greasy output, its fast entrance in production and its easy mechanization during the harvesting; very stable oil.

Arbequina: Very good greasy output and very good quality of oil; it presents the disadvantage that the fruits are very small and that the branches transmit very badly the vibration during the harvesting; bush form that allows major densities of plantation.

Hojiblanca: Variety of double aptitude, although mediocre in both cases; as table variety is known with the name of “pearls of the Guadalquivir”; high tolerance to calcareous grounds; fruit of acceptable size.

Picudo: Variety that produces an oil of excellent quality. It presents a big fruit that finishes in a nib that makes it deserving of its name. Also it is characterized by the appearance of double leaves, although their general form is oval and of great size.

Cornicabra or cornezuelo: Very oblong and asymmetric fruit, obtains a high greasy output with very good quality of oil.