About Us

We are a young company that is dedicated to the export and sale in situ as well as olive oil and as cosmetics created with the oil. We are in the situation to own a product of very high quality and with high benefits for the organism that is nowadays in the heat of expansion anywhere in the world. Being so large the Chinese market, with diverse tastes and a high degree of sophistication and appreciation for the excellent raw materials, we thought that olive oil of Extra Virgin category, can be a great product to commercialize.

It is important to consider that we are in front of a product made in an artisan way during generations that owns wonderful medicinal and beneficial qualities for the organism, throughout this dossier you will find a brief summary of its properties and in which way it benefits the organism, as well as a cut of press that testifies therefore it.

Our work as exporters is not limited simply on sale, we are in charge to realise a pursuit of the experience of our customer, until the point to supply all the services necessary to offer a solution since the product is in the field until the same arrives at your business.

We take care of the aspects of marketing that you can need, thanks to our extensive knowledge in the commercialization of this type of products, to facilitate the sale of the product. The fundamental base towards where this marketing is due to focus, is the beneficial properties for the organism and its refining flavor for the gastronomical plate elaboration of international prestige.