It is a pouch or flexible tank of great size that transforms a 20’DV conventional container into a safe and efficient system of transport of liquids.

It is made with linear polythene of low density unilayer tubes, which assures the maximum flexibility and tolerance under interior pressure commits, external as well as to blowouts and gallings. Its tubular structure avoids longitudinal joints improving its benefits. The Flexitanks guarantee total security for the transport of liquids.

All the models are available in capacities among 10,000 and 24,000 liters, based on the density of the liquid to transport.

Altogether, the weight of the Flexitank is less than 150 kg including the parapet (metallic pallet) and the protections from cardboard.

Our flexitanks have a fast connection valve type camlock with 2 levies of 3″. In addition, we provide our clients with accessories that facilitate the adaptation of their hoses to the mouth ofthe Flexitank, which happen to be of your property so that they can be used in future loads.

In addition, all our Flexitanks are made with translucent polythene that allows seeing the liquid of the interior. Thus, as much the load as the unloading is very easy to carry out and to control.

Because there is a single hose connection, the whole manipulation can be realized in less than half an hour depending on the viscosity of the liquid and the characteristics of the pump used. For your security, we recommended not to surpass a volume of 800 l/min.

Do I need some special equipment to load or to unload a Flexitank?

No, you just need the same equipment that you would use for the load or unloads of isotanks. Generally, a reversible filling pump is sufficient.

How much personal do I need to load or to unload a Flexitank?

Generally, a single worker is sufficient. In addition we can facilitate technical attendance to instruct your personnel in the manipulation and filling or casting of the Flexitank.

Do I have to observe some special precaution measurements?

You have to consider always that do not have to open the left door of the container, when the Flexitank is full. The container takes security stickers that indicate so, besides a seal in the opening valve.

Aside from this, the processes of load and unloading are simple and you must only observe the habitual safety measures in this processes.

How long does it take to load or unload a Flexitank?

It really depends on the characteristics of the pump that is used as well as of the viscosity of the liquid. It takes generally between 30 and 60 minutes.

Can I take samples from product before draining the Flexitank?

By all means. Thanks to the system of inferior draining and to our exclusive system of valves, it is possible to take samples without decrease, with total security and in 2 minutes.

Do decreases take place?

Our Flexitanks is done of a single layer, which facilitates the unloading enormously. And along with the inferior draining system, our Flexitanks eliminates practically the decreases generally, being below 0.1% according to the viscosity of the content.